For This weeks #ArtThursdays we visited the Balloon Museum for the Emotion Air London 'Art You Can Feel' Exhibition!🎈✨👀

The balloon museum was a unique and inspiring experience.The Museum is a format created by a curatorial team that designs and realises contemporary art exhibitions with specific works in which ‘air’ is a distinctive element. A journey through out-of-scale installations with unexpected shapes in which the interaction with viewers is placed at the center of the experience.

"The Third Thing"
~Alex Schweder

Art one can touch, to live with and share, never static that creates an innovative relationship with the user, giving life to an experiential path of socialization. This unconventional approach to culture is fascinating and intriguing to adults and children, as they are passionate and curious, and are helping to establish Inflatable Art as one of the most acclaimed ‘Pop’ movements in the world.

"Cannon Balls"

~ Motomichi Nakamura

"Somehow, I Dont Feel Uncomfortable"

Momoyo Torimitsu

 The artist portrays this endearing image in a distorted manner to express her own feelings about Japan’s male-dominated society. Its uncomfortable position encapsulates the artist’s sentiments about Japanese “kawaii” culture, associated not only with cute characters like Hello Kitty but, more broadly, with societal expectations regarding women’s behavior in Japan.


"Squeezed In"

Lucas Zanotto

SQUEEZED IN is the latest interactive installation by artist Lucas Zanotto, specifically designed for the Balloon Museum. The title itself encapsulates the entire concept behind this work, considering the lack of space, the idea was to emphasize this aspect and create characters that appear too large for the space, giving the sensation of being squeezed.

Far from a negative experience, this effect makes one feel small amidst these charming creatures, by experimenting with simple and fundamental forms, he brought to life a space that is both compact and remarkably friendly, inhabited by these delightful characters.

We had a great time exploring and seeing all the different exhibition and we are excited to share this experience with you!

 Stooki on the move 👀👀



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