Art in the Age of Now - Recap

With our ever-changing youth culture, society has hit a new creative wave and a desire to keep up with trends, alongside by an interest into various forms of artistry which is why it's become quite hard to limit ourselves to one outlet!

That’s why the Stööki movement strives to embark on its multidisciplinary philosophy of art, music and fashion as the heart of the brand. 

Written by Tasnim H.

We may be known to many for our hand-crafted jewellery in London nonetheless we’ve had the courtesy of being in association with the British curator and artist Ben Moore and the founder of the ‘Art Below’ (A public art enterprise owned by Ben Moore with Production Manager & Head of Security Joey Mac Strachan and Project Manager Golchehr Khalili).

Ben Moore’s extremely well curated and popular, exhibition: ‘Art in the Age of Now’ - which is also co-presented by Lamington Group (A hotel operator) - located in the borough of Hammersmith and Fulham in Fulham Town Hall. Interestingly it was actually an abandoned building for 20 years before its renovation. It was none other than Ben Moore, the man himself, who had revamped this building into an art space, as it was originally known to be an advertising space, for the purpose of being able to connect to different art pieces and its diverse range of artists. 


 In addition to that, that’s why the exhibition’s purpose bodes well into the söki lifestyle as this is an area where we’ve excelled and thrived. Söki ensures to grasp onto the opportunity to represent several, if not many, creatives from all backgrounds so that each creative can provide a unique perspective behind their passions and masterpieces which includes getting to know them as individuals through our Q&A interviews.

Fortunately they’ve been able to feature a number of creators including: Anna Kenneally, Nic Mac, Ariadna Dane, Elena Cecchinato, Rachel Megawhat, Fipsi Seilern, Elinor Fahrman, Anne Windsor, Raghad Mardini, Patrick Boyd, Alex Fatmo, Gary Mansfield, Gaz Mayall, Paul Don Smith, Ricardo Cinalli, Rory Rae, Jeremy Wolf and Ben Moore.


Stööki’s success in this area has only evolved in its own glory as they’ve enabled a new blog series to be born and welcomed - Stay tuned for an epic launch of ‘Art Thursdays’ where the chance has arised for established as well as up and coming artists to celebrate the outcomes of their creative enthusiasm and acknowledge what gets their creative juices flowing.

Get ready as this commences every thursday! You can check out more of Stööki’s segments such as New Music Friday, Spotlight Series and other collaborations we've achieved for our blog.


Interviews by @Stooki

Executive produced by @YellowDot @MayaMihoc

Photography by @PurpleContrast & @DJ_Lukey




'Art in the Age of Now' - Art Below Exhibition Part 2 coming soon! 

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