We are excited to announce our first ever LIVE Streetwear Jewellery-Making Workshop! Watch how to create a wax-carved jewellery piece with the Stööki Craft Makers over livestream. 📹 ⚡️ 💻

This LIVE workshop will focus on the creation and personalisation of rings and pendants, led by Stööki's Jewellery Technologist Nadia Abbas. ✨ ⚒ ✨

In this session you will:

- Get an insight in to the jewellery making process.

- See a step by step tutorial covering a range of jewellery making techniques.

- Be able to get involved with the live Q&A at the end of the session.

The workshop will give you a LIVE insight into the Stööki jewellery making process, so make sure you lock in early to catch the steps from the jump and see what can be created within the hour. There will also be time to participate in a Q&A at the end of the session for any of those burning jewellery related questions. 🎙 💎

We will be livestreaming the event via Instagram Live 😃📲

Grab your FREE 🎟  now via @dicefm - access through the pic below & be sure to tune in! 😉  🔗  🎲 🚀 #STOOKIxWORKSHOPS