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Lava is Stööki’s first set of grillz, and has a bold design inspired by the energy flow of volcanos.

Grillz are made to order. Please get in touch with us via to register your interest.

  • Product Code: KBSN008
  • Available to order in Chrome (Silver), 18-Carat Gold Plated Brass or Solid Gold
  • Custom-made
  • Hand-crafted
  • Unisex


Stööki’s first set of grillz, Lava is a distinctive limited edition design inspired by the primal energy flow of volcanoes.


We used the concept of Reform to inspire the way that the jewellery is made. The materials were transformed into different shapes, so every piece symbolises reform in its own way. We used layers to create new textures in each piece, and created the pieces free-hand rather than using a set pattern. It was liberating to be able to have this freedom, to create contrasts with the finishes and take a different creative journey with every piece in the collection.


Chrome (Silver), 18-Carat Gold Plated, Solid 9-Carat Yellow Gold

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