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The Gradient Ring contrasts rough textures with a smooth mirror finish.

  • Product Code: KSBN002
  • 18-Carat Gold Plated
  • Mirror Finish
  • Hand-crafted
  • Limited Run
  • Unisex
  • Description


    Continuing our theme of the volcano as a foundational symbol of reform, the Gradient ring, with it’s sharp textual change on one side, and incremental change on the other, highlights the different modes reform can take, sometimes sharp and swift and at other times slow and gradual however both deeply impactful.


    We used the concept of Reform to inspire the way that the jewellery is made. The materials were transformed into different shapes, so every piece symbolises reform in its own way. We used layers to create new textures in each piece, and created the pieces free-hand rather than using a set pattern. It was liberating to be able to have this freedom, to create contrasts with the finishes and take a different creative journey with every piece in the collection.

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