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    NTI teams up with Stööki for Reform photo series ft Bishop

    In the the last of NTI’s Berlin Reform photo series, he speaks to Bishop of Red Music.

    Below he shares his thoughts on the concept of Reform.

    Photography – @NTI

    Styling – @LAWRIE_ABEI


    Red Music

    Recording Artist – @thatredmusic

    NTI: What does Reform mean to you ?

    Bishop: Reform means the process in which one acknowledges error or fault and attempts to correct it for the better.

    NTI: How did you reform your life?

    Bishop: Everyday is a reformation. From learning how to take control of your emotions to learning how to cut carrots better. I’d say my biggest reformation was having a child. From the moment they’re in the world you now have something that relies on you for everything, and that requires a huge amount of sacrifice. You are no longer your whole world. They are.

    NTI: Are there limits to human creativity?

    Bishop: I heard somewhere that the mind is ever expanding. Like the universe. If that’s true then I guess it is limitless.

    Get the look! Purchase the pieces from the Reform Collection here

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