The Stööki Movement

Stööki Jewellery is part of the Stööki multi-disciplinary art collective.

Since 2011, we have been creating jewellery pieces, music and live events – around our key elements of ‘Sound, Vision, and Play’.

We’ve released capsule collections including the Past, Present and Future collection, and the Geodesic collection, in collaboration with UK menswear brand Topman.

In recent times we’ve released the Reform collection, a line of rings, pendants and grillz inspired by volcanic formations and rendered in 18-carat gold (and now silver).

For the first time, we’ve also started offering workshops which give an insight into streetwear jewellery design and guide you in making your own piece using the ‘lost wax process’.

We are now rolling out the Sector 2045 collection which includes brand new apparel.

Jewellery technologist Nadia Abbas designs and creates all Stööki pieces from her studio in South-East London.

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