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Legacy Range

The Stööki Legacy Range is an exclusive treasure trove of accessories. Where each item is inspired by the Stööki lifestyle and culture of Sound, Vision and Play. Make your mark and become part of the Stööki Society, by acquiring a classic and signature piece from the Legacy Range.

Stööki Legacy Beanie Hat

5LegacyBeanie 1.jpg
6LegacyBeanie 3.jpg
7LegacyBeanie 2.jpg
5LegacyBeanie 1.jpg
6LegacyBeanie 3.jpg
7LegacyBeanie 2.jpg

Stööki Legacy Beanie Hat


This latest headwear line continues our Legacy imprint collection. 

The Stööki Legacy Beanie Hat features the branded square metal embellishment at the front with a stitched over brim.

+ Stööki gold plated square embellishment

+ "Stooki" inside label

+ Black, 100% soft feel acrylic 

One size fits all.

Designed & made by the Stööki Craft Makers.

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