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The House of Stööki presents... Trivium

 "Trivium is a systematic method of critical thinking used to derive factual certainty from information perceived with the five senses — sight, sound, taste, tact, and smell. In the medieval university, the trivium was the lower division of the seven liberal arts, and comprised grammar, logic, and rhetoric”

The collection consists of the 3 elements:

Logic Bangle ­- The art of thinking

Grammar Pendant ­- The art of inventing symbols and combining them to express thought

Rhetoric Rings - The art of communicating thought from one mind to another.

Each piece is available in a selection of opulent tones­ Yellow Gold, Rose Gold and White Gold. All items are made in the House of Stööki’s London workshop located in the heart of British Design -­ Somerset House. All jewellery items are hallmarked at the London Goldsmiths Assay Office offering a tailor made hedonistic aesthetic. Each piece in the collection features our bold, minimal, and strong design.

Stööki x Topman - Geodesic Collection

Each piece is hand-crafted to present a sharp geodesic line with sculptural and three-dimensional shapes that have a mechanical and futurist feel. These bold pieces make a unique statement for menswear as Stööki bridge the gap between jewellery and the garment. The collection aims to highlight and adorn everyday menswear clothing, with key pieces such as sharp button covers and ornate collar tips to create luxury street wear.

The Obscura Collection

Obscura is a minimal symbology collection presented through the theme of light. The 3 elements showcased visually represent Sound, Vision and Play. These are fundamental to our process and a manifesto to which Stööki stands by.

The Obscura Apparel

The Obscura Jewellery