Check out the next instalment in the Stööki Legacy Story… The Stööki Craft Makers invited Illustrator & Graphic Design extraordinaire and good friend Mudi Eghweree down to the Stööki studio for a catch up. Have a peep at the interview below and see how he rocked our new Legacy T-Shirt too... #TheStookiLegacy

Name? Mudi Chris Eghweree

What’s your craft? Illustration + Graphic Design

Song you can’t get out of your head? I go through transitions of listening to a whole range of different types of music. In the winter I listen to a lot of oldschool rock and indie and in summer it's more of a house and old school disco vibe. Recently Ive been listening to a lot of Kaytranda, Motor City Drum Ensemble, The Horrors and Interpol.

Describe your Fashion style? Black on black on black everything. I don't have a particular style I just buy things I like.

What’s your main source of inspiration + influence? A lot of my inspiration comes from an internal place. I get inspiration from my own thoughts and then secondly from friends, family and people around me.

My main influences include me being a massive fan of Roy Lichtenstein. I also really like 80s illustrator Patrick Nagel and American Graphic Designer & Illustrator Cody Hudson.

Your ideal day off? Something like today. Hanging and chilling with friends and having some good banter. I don't believe in having to spend loads of money to have loads of fun I just go with the flow. A favourite saying of mine is  #goodtimeswithgoodpeople

Plans for 2015? I aim to push my creativity more. Learn new creative skills and to put on another exhibition at some point as well that’s  bigger and better than my last.

What you like about The Stooki Movement? The main thing I like about The Stooki Movement is that I've watched you guys grow from nothing to something. I like how creative and inspirational how you guys. Having seen your journey and the way you have grown into the force you are now is something I really admire. Literally i've never know such a creative  group people. You guys are a massive inspiration to me, Stööki is inspirational!

Favourite Quote/SayingLife is so brief and time is thief

Where can people see more of your work?  / / Instagram: @who_is_mudi


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