The Legacy Story... Valtteri Laihanen

Check out the next instalment in the Stööki Legacy Story. The Stööki Craft Makers invited Stage Visual Producer Valtteri Laihanen to The House of Stööki at Somerset House for a catch up. Take a look the interview below and see how he rocks his Stööki Legacy Badge... #TheStookiLegacy

Name: Valtteri Laihanen

What’s your craft? Producer between digital and physical world. I like the interaction between those. The aim for the next project should always be made up of the best you can do, excitement and lots of love. Both failure and success are valuable teachers, whatever happens, you just begin more intelligently.

Song you can’t get out of your head? First song I heard this morning, MF Doom - Rhymes like dimes

Describe your Fashion style? Casually contemporary.

What’s your main source of inspiration & influence? I like the difference between contrasts, it is interesting to explore the dark side of humanity but also mix it up with brighter things in life. I find people who are competent and obscure stimulating. I think the only security I have is to try and push to change and evolve. Picasso quotes “inspiration exists but it has to find you working” and I think that is very true. Nothing lands on your lap apart from strippers.

Your ideal day off? Question everything, learn something and answer nothing. 

Plans for 2014? Try to collaborate with interesting people and do projects that has a wide range of diversity. By developing film photos I realised the value of the moment until it becomes a memory, in that sense, moments matter.

What you like about The Stooki Movement? I had the distinct pleasure of working with you guys. What I experienced and found admirable is the collaborative attitude. I find it intriguing how you guys create a desirable atmosphere on everything you sink your teeth into.  The play between flat and 3D objects is interesting to see on various platforms. 

Where can people see more of your work?

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