The Legacy Story... Lisha Bootsie

Check out the next instalment in the Stööki Legacy Story. The Stööki Craft Makers invited Videographer Lisha Bootsie to The House of Stööki at Somerset House for a catch up. Take a look the interview below and see how she rocks her Stööki Legacy Badge... #TheStookiLegacy

Name: Lisha Bootsie

What’s your craft? (Occupation): Videographer & Superhero

Song you can’t get out of your head… (Sound):  Divine by GoldLink

Describe your style + influences (Vision): Relaxed, edgy and minimal. My influences come from colours, energy and things that I find visually pleasing.
What’s your main source of inspiration  (Play): Positive Energy.

Your ideal day off? Just like a Frank Ocean video, cruising down the highway with the sunset in the distance and really smooth music playing. Plus loads of money in the boot.

Plans for 2014?: Live life to the fullest and work on some new projects.

What you like about The Stooki Movement?: I like the whole Stööki lifestyle. Everything from the parties and locations to the vibe and activities. Things always look effortless, down to the photos etc

Where can people see more of your work?

Click below to buy now and become a part of #TheStookiLegacy!