The Legacy Story.... Shystie

Check out the second instalment in the Stööki Legacy Story. The Stööki Craft Makers invited Shystie to The House of Stööki at Somerset House for a catch up. Check out the interview below and see how she rocks her Stööki Legacy Badge... #TheStookiLegacy

Name: Shystie

What’s your craft? (Occupation): Music, acting, modelling and entertainment - overall a London creative.

Song you can’t get out of your head… (Sound): My Love by Route 94 ft Jess Glynne

Describe your style + influences (Vision): Edgy and out of the box. Musically, quite cocky and in-your-face. A bit potty mouth but still good vibes and energetic.

My influences are mainly dancehall, bashment mixed with a bit of hip hop and dance.

What’s your main source of inspiration  (Play): Surroundings, life and things that I go through. Family and also the people around me inspire me most.

Your ideal day off? Somewhere in Barbados! Ideally on a beach under a palm tree drinking a frozen margarita, watching some fine young gentleman on the jet skis.

Plans for 2014? Releasing my new E.P. Touring - doing lots of shows in Europe and modelling at New York Fashion Week in September.

What you like about The Stooki Movement? I like that I get exclusives :) The whole mix with music and art is good too! I am down with creative people not just doing one thing and I like it when people have their fingers in lots of pies. I can tell when things are thought out and the small details can make all the difference. I can see time has been taken to make the products.

Where can people see more of your work?

Instagram: iamshystie

Twitter: @iamshystie

Facebook: iamshystie

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