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The Legacy Story.... Shystie


The Legacy Story.... Shystie

Quincey Williams

Check out the second instalment in the Stööki Legacy Story. The Stööki Craft Makers invited Shystie to The House of Stööki at Somerset House for a catch up. Check out the interview below and see how she rocks her Stööki Legacy Badge... #TheStookiLegacy

Name: Shystie

What’s your craft? (Occupation): Music, acting, modelling and entertainment - overall a London creative.

Song you can’t get out of your head… (Sound): My Love by Route 94 ft Jess Glynne

Describe your style + influences (Vision): Edgy and out of the box. Musically, quite cocky and in-your-face. A bit potty mouth but still good vibes and energetic.

My influences are mainly dancehall, bashment mixed with a bit of hip hop and dance.

What’s your main source of inspiration  (Play): Surroundings, life and things that I go through. Family and also the people around me inspire me most.

Your ideal day off? Somewhere in Barbados! Ideally on a beach under a palm tree drinking a frozen margarita, watching some fine young gentleman on the jet skis.

Plans for 2014? Releasing my new E.P. Touring - doing lots of shows in Europe and modelling at New York Fashion Week in September.

What you like about The Stooki Movement? I like that I get exclusives :) The whole mix with music and art is good too! I am down with creative people not just doing one thing and I like it when people have their fingers in lots of pies. I can tell when things are thought out and the small details can make all the difference. I can see time has been taken to make the products.

Where can people see more of your work?

Instagram: iamshystie

Twitter: @iamshystie

Facebook: iamshystie

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